Today for the first time I have felt in love with … A TREE … She was there all the time, freely playing with the Sun, the Air, the Wind, connecting with the mother Earth. She is happy. She is silent yet brings so many meanings and colors to life, more than all the words that have been said thru the centuries.

I was confused. I felt so deeply connected with her, as if she was always by my side, never apart. I came closer and hugged her , she embraced me. The thousands rivers flow into the sea as the heartbeat magnified. I felt peace, freedom, joy. I was the river, the water, the sea, the sky, the tree, the sun, the love, the lover and the beloved.

I opened my eyes. I was lying on the bed with my wife, and I was hugging her while she was asleep. She is my tree, loving and caring. Sometimes she would prefer the sun and the wind, the air and the earth rather than me, but deep in her roots not for any single moment she had ever disconnected herself from the love that keeps us together.

Happy Earth Day everyone. Heal the world (MJ)